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Hero Nikhil Siddharth Raids Piracy Video Shop in Guntur | Gets Very Emotional

Piracy Video

Had so much fun interacting with Housefull Crowds in Guntur yesterday and on the way back stopped for tea and Found This … and other movie DVD’s being openly sold

Watch Hero #NikhilSiddharth Raids Piracy Video Shop in Guntur

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Piracy attacks are giving sleepless nights to filmmakers across the country. The battle against film piracy is one that is being fought by filmmakers across film industries. It has not only affected the revenues of the industry but unethical film viewing has also increased which creates a huge problem for the filmmakers, making them unhappy. Nikhil Siddharth caught red-handed a lady along with her daughter openly selling pirated #DVDs of his recently released movie Arjun Suravaram on the road. #NikhilSiddharth was shocked after seeing this that the pirated DVDs of #ArjunSuravaram is being sold on the road.

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